24 05 2007
To be honest - I am not working on EN version - I'm just too lazy and I don't believe I have many visitors from outside SK/CZ...
But - sometimes, when adding new section I create the EN version - just in case. Well - now I am working on my photo gallery. It's still not ready and it's a work in progress but - You may give it a try...

07 02 2006

So whole new design is uploaded now. I've taken the care to make it completely w3c valid, so You can check any sub page if You don't believe :) [the invisible link is on the bottom left, try to select it with the mouse]. There isn't much info added again, but I really promise I will add some more pages soon.

01 02 2006

And - as a part of practicing CSS, I totally changed the page design. It's more "soft" now, and it uses CSS tableless layout. That means - I can change the design very easily, when I'll find it boring... I try to add some more pages after I finish this design, but it seems I am short of time right now. Anyway - I am trying those advanced PHP scripts as well so maybe some interesting stuff will appear here soon as well...

21 01 2006

So I am back in the UK. And - to practice the language, I've translated some pages to english. I optimized the code a bit, fixed some errors and - the most important - I've made my page w3c valid (actually only headlines are, but - it's a step ahead :) And that is not everything. I am even using an valid CSS!!! Oh, I am so proud of myself :)

29 12 2005

I've just started making english version of my page. No real pages are translated by this day, and I'm only testing the code. Please be patient. Some pages will apear soon. Sorry for inconvenience. 
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Day and night.