My Photos

Come on! You really expect me to translate even my Photoalbum? :) You don't know my friends, so - Slovak version has to satisfy You. I put these photos here because - it's the best place for them. I already have my digital camera, but I didn't make any of these photos (as I am on them :) so don't think of me as a bad photographer, and don't even think how you would make them better - it's enough me thinking about it... :) Lot of photos has been done, with classic film camera and scanned later on, some photos were taken by cellphone camera, and that's why some of photos look better than other. I didn't want this page to be bandwith hungry, so most of the photos are less than 150kB. That means - any photo should appear right after you click on thumbnail. All my photos are sorted by year taken, from my birth to present year - so You can see how I grew. Still interested? - so come on Click on a year and here we go...
(Note that comments to photos will NOT be in English)
0 to 1 year old Wray 1 to 2 years old Wray 2 to 3 yrars old Wray 4 to 5 years old Wray 5 to 6 years old Wray
7 to 8 years old Wray 9 to 10 years old Wray 10 to 11 yrars old Wray Wray in 13 to 14 Wray in 14 to 15
Wray in 15 to 16 Wray in 16 to 17 Wray in 17 to 18 Wray in his midmost youth :) 19 to 20 years
20 to 21 years 21 to 22 years 22 to 23 years 23 to 24 years 24 to 25 years
25 to 26 years 26 to 27 years 27 to 28 years 28 až 29 rokov
Photos are very precious artifacts to me. Looking at them, it makes me remember all those tiny details of that moment, when the picture was captured, I am able to feel how I felt, I remember the smell of the air, all the people on the picture, I haven't thought about in years. The clothes - when did I throw that crazy T Shirt out... Or do I still have it? I love that feeling, when you can remember. That sweet nostalgy. I value every frozen moment of my past. And so - I'd like to ask You - the Reader - would You have a photo of me, please let me know. You can't imagine how happy it'll make me to see it...