Other stuff

I am sorry, however most of these project will be available in Slovak only. You can carry on and try but don't say You haven't been warned :)

Projects... What a nice name for all that timewasters of my life. I call it "projects" because it sounds better, but they're only some useless things i found extremnely useful. It's like all that stuff You can find in the attic of an old house. Former owner loved every each of them, as he hadn't got rid of any of them, but the casual visitor would find that thing a bunch of garbage. And then something magical happens. One starts to check all this cool stuff and he will find something so interesting. Something so amazing, he's wondering he'd never known about it... Or - if nothig else, he will understand the former owner better, and find out something about him. You've got the message now probably. So - go ahead. Check my garbage...

About me
(Who is Wray)

My notes
(some notes for me)

London Calling
(My first coming to London)

(My philosophy and psychology thoughts, my short stories, some school projects)

A bit of my programming work
(I am not programming that much today so - just an archive...)

My diploma project
(I decided to put it on internet - It has taken me so long to finish it, maybe it'll help somebody.)

My music world
(everything about my music)

Silent PC
(How to make your PC silent)

(How to play webgame)

3D Works
(Some of my 3d models)

MUD Start
(Advices for those of You begining with MUDs)

My nostalgic diary
(My pointless nostalgia)

How to become a good Diablo Sorcerer (Hellfire incl.)
(Something about Diablo 1 and Hellfire game from Blizzard)

Rubik's Cube
(How to solve it)

Style Switcher
(CSS Style Switcher)